PA System Hire Manchester

PA System Hire Manchester


Mackie SRM450V3 – Sound Hire Manchester


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PA System Hire Manchester: here’s our range of loudspeakers, organised by lowest cost first. 

The Mackie SRM450v3 is an actively amplified loudspeaker, (the amp is built into the cabinet, and that plugs into a 13A socket). This is part of our low cost range of PA systems for hire in Manchester. This loudspeaker is efficient at 60Hz (around the kick drum). So it can produce low end suitable for general party and function applications. It’s a decent DJ PA, which can be supported by subs for a deeper low end, and greater output. Manchester’s Steve Thompson has found this type of loudspeaker to be very reliable, since he first started using their 1st version of it over 6 years ago. 

In practical terms,  Steve Thompson of Manchester has used this type of loudspeaker for the past 6 years. During which time, it has proven itself impressively reliable, (given its budget conscious price point). Its output is well sufficient when used as a two speaker PA for;

– Events in large pubs,

– Function rooms,

– Village halls,

– Schools

– And small outdoor events. 




Bose L1 Model II – Sound Hire Manchester


musician pa hire manchester, pa hire for musicians in manchester, Sound Hire ManchesterSuffice it is to say, that the Bose L1 Model II is an alternative approach to live sound reinforcement: and it’s an interesting one. The concept is that the loudspeaker system can be positioned behind the performer, negating the requirement for monitors on stage. Bose advocate this as a more natural way of reinforcing a musician or singer, where the sound emanates from directly (and closely) behind them.

This is also an ultra wise dispersion unit, (less than 6dB variation across 195° horizontally). The ideal in this approach is demonstrated in the diagram below, which shows how each musician / performer essentially has their own P.A. system behind them. Each system has sufficient power output and dispersion to cover the whole audience area for that particular instrument. Each of the individual performer’s Bose L1 PA system’s are then recombined acoustically in the audience space.

This can be an extremely natural approach to sound system design, especially with duos, acoustic ensembles and small bands.

Added to which, the arraying of multiple small drivers in a vertical column brings about some forward coupling advantages of line source theory: which in a nutshell results in less drop off (attenuation) in sound level over distance.

And, it reduces acoustic energy propagating upwards towards the ceiling, (where it would either be simply waisted, or cause increased excitation of the room’s acoustic character).  For this reason, this PA has been complimented on its increased voice clarity and speech intelligibility in more reverberant halls, than some point source loudspeakers of a similar cost.

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d&b Audiotechnik Y7P – Sound Hire Manchester


Y7P, Sound Hire Manchester, speaker hire in manchester

PA Hire In Manchester’s flagship d&b PA system. The Y7 series has the most pattern control over dispersion out of the three loudspeaker systems we hire, and by far the greatest output. 

d&b Audiotechnik are a widely trusted high end loudspeaker manufacturer, which see application at the largest and most prestigious live events, including Glastonbury, Redding and Leeds and the Isle of White Festival.